Next-Generation Solutions for Heavy Industry

Next-Generation Technology

At iMaker, we collaborate closely with our industrial clients, using cutting-edge marketing and immersive technology to help them effectively train their employees, promote their products and drive sales, and communicate their vision. Our diverse, skilled team consisting of engineers, programmers, animators, and designers works in tandem to create interactive, next-generation solutions for heavy industry.

Virtual Reality Solutions

iMaker creates fully immersive virtual reality experiences, transporting you to different surroundings and situations using little more than a VR headset. From guided virtual tours and big data visualizations to safety training and industrial simulations, we offer meticulously designed VR experiences to address your unique needs. Using your geospatial, geological, and engineering data, we create for your business accurate simulations to improve communication, reduce travel, and assist validation and review in low-risk, cost-effective ways.
Learn more about our Virtual Reality Solutions here.

Augmented Reality Solutions

From Snapchat filters to 3D brain projections in hospitals, augmented reality has created enhanced experiences in many industries. iMaker brings augmented reality solutions for industrial applications, adding interactive digital elements – such as animated 3D models, data-packed visual overlays, and sensory projections – to the existing real-world environment in order to enhance your experience. Whether you’re looking to promote your product, better train your employees, or improve your communication, our AR solutions can help!
If augmented reality piques your interest, learn more about our Augmented Reality Solutions here.
AR Goggles

Mixed Reality Solutions

iMaker integrates the physical and virtual worlds to generate mixed reality solutions that optimize your business processes and increase employee productivity. We use holographic technology to create 3-dimensional virtual objects with which you can interact, enhancing real-time communication and allowing you to work remotely. Our MR solutions, in effect, help you save time and costs while increasing efficiency.
If you feel our Mixed Reality Solutions can help your business, click here to learn more.

3D Animation Solutions

iMaker uses all relevant data – including your engineering, geological, and architectural data – to bring objects, characters, machinery, and equipment to life. All applicable data is manipulated and merged to create 3D animations that are carefully detailed and true to life. Our 3D animation solutions have numerous and diverse applications in the heavy industry, such as 3D product representations and mine site tours.
If that sounds interesting to you, learn more about our 3D Animation Solutions here. With over 250 industrial animations under our belt, we can provide you with a selection relevant to your industry to review.

TV Screen
Virtual World on a Macbook Pro

Virtual Worlds

Using all relevant data about your business, iMaker can build for you a Virtual World that showcases all your products and solutions in one convenient location. Viewers can access and navigate this custom 3D environment through almost any digital device, and learn about industrial challenges, applicable solutions, and useful products to streamline their business operations. We tailor our highly customizable Virtual Worlds to suit your specific industry and business needs.
Mining or automation, power generation or manufacturing – no matter your industry, click here to learn how our Virtual Worlds can help your business.

Interactive Models

iMaker helps you enhance your customer experience and increase sales by creating interactive models of your products with which your clients can interact. We use your product’s exact specifications to construct a digital model of the product, complete with realistic texture and shading. Users can zoom in, rotate, and closely examine the digital model through your website, improving engagement and leaving a lasting impression.
If you would like to provide an immersive and memorable experience for your customers, learn more about our Interactive Models here.

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