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Step inside a meticulously designed, true-to-life computer-generated 3D environment with iMaker’s virtual reality solutions. Using only a virtual reality headset, you will be transported to an engaging, fully immersive digital world of your choice.
Our virtual reality solutions are crafted with accuracy and painstaking detail, delivering a wide range of tailor-made experiences including guided virtual tours, safety training simulations, and big data visualizations.
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Digitally visualize and interact with your products and settings

iMaker can digitally replicate any environments and situations relevant to your business, allowing engagement in a safe, cost-effective way.

Enhance communication and design, assist review, and reduce costs

Our VR solutions combine your geospatial, geological, and engineering data into one comprehensive and informative sensory experience that enhances engagement and information retention.
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Virtual Reality Industrial Applications

Data Visualization

  • View complex data in immersive 3D

  • Collaboratively view 3D geological data

  • Optimize engineering design and reduce revisions

Industrial Safety & Training

  • Reduce costs and increase scalability

  • Reduce training related travel and labor costs

  • Retain information better than traditional methods such as textbooks, class, or e-learning methods

Investor and Executive Virtual Tours

  • Reduce cost and time for mine site visits

  • Legal, insurance, and environmental assessments

  • Practice corporate social responsibility

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